Tuesday Musical Theatre @ FREE2B Wellness: Broadway Bootcamp – 14-week term

Tuesday Musical Theatre @ FREE2B Wellness: Broadway Bootcamp – 14-week term


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A journey through the Musicals, learning choreography to some of the biggest and most loved show-stopping songs! Explore character acting with Drama games and improve knowledge of Musicals throughout this fun confidence building term!


What is Musical Theatre?

Musical Theatre is a combination of 3 disciplines! Dance, Singing and Acting.

Musical Theatre class gives students the opportunity to builds skills, confidence and self belief!

Using well known Musicals as our theme we build and create dynamic and exciting classes.

Musicals such as Mary Poppins, Encanto, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Matilda and Annie are some of the popular themes we have used recently.

Here is an example of a typical Musical Theatre class:

  1. Singing. Children explore warming up their voice correctly with fun vocal warmups and then moving on to learning a song from a show, this includes singing in ensemble, solo, harmony work and vocal technique and safety. Children learn to sing Musical pieces from Broadway shows and challenge their vocal ranges in this element of the class.
  2. Drama. Drama warmups consist of games to help “break the ice” and build confidence and remove inhibition! These drama warmups challenge imagination, creativity and encourage students to take on characters, using their physical body, facial expressions and voices! They move on to script work, montage, tableau and storytelling all helping them to become more confident speakers and actors.
  3. Dance. This section always begins with a full body Dance warmup which is fun, high energy inspiring! Students will cover some basic technique such as kicks from the corner, how to pirouette, core stability and stage positions.

Students then go on to learn a section of choreography from a Musical, often performing back to each other in groups to build performance experience and finish with a cool down!


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Rising Stars, Main Project


Full Term: 19th September-12th December 2023


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